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We have the highest health care costs in America and we use the smallest amount of our plants (flora) for food and medicine. We need to heal ourselves with plants for simple ailments. You do not have to be a Botanist or Herbalist to use plants for food and medicine. Our course covers 11 common herbs that you can easily find and use today to improve your wellness. Your health is priceless, start learning today.

Meet the Plants

1. Yaupon Holly. Learn about how to identify, harvest, and make yaupon tea, our only caffeinated plant in North America.

Yaupon is an AMAZING Coastal herb. You don't want to wait to learn about this plant.

2. Wax Myrtle. Considered the most important medicinal plant in the 1800's. We teach valuable ways to connect with this plant to improve your health and wellness.

This abundant herb, unmistakable by smell, is one of our most valuable medicinal plants and one of the most overlooked plants in herbal medicine. Help us shift this paradigm by learning about this plant today.

3. Spanish Moss. An anti-inflammatory herb widely abundant in the Southeastern Coastal Plain.

Learn how this amazing herb was traditionally used for medicine by the indigenous and how you can connect with it to improve your health and vitality.

4. Spiderwort. An attractive, edible herb with cooling properties. A great herb for the digestive system.

Learn more about this cooling, edible herb. We show you how to cook with this herb in a downloadable video and share with you how to make an anti-inflammatory juice from another closely related spiderwort.

5. Cleavers. If you have a weak urinary system, this is your go to herb! Do not wait to learn more, sign up now.

Learn how to use cleavers to support your urinary system.

6. Dandelion. The herb that should be everyone's best friend.

Learn how to incorporate dandelion into your life to improve your health. Always give this amazing herb a home in your lawn and garden. Learn how to turn this mistaken "weed" into a good friend.

7. Lizard's Tail. This plant, oh my.

Lizard's tail is the most powerful anti-inflammatory herb I have ever worked with. Learning about the history and traditional use of this herb is worth the $97 cost of this affordable course.

8. Mulberry.

Another amazing, underused herb loaded with minerals and nutrients. Learn more about this anti-aging, anti-diabetic, and anti-greying herb.

9. Eastern Red Cedar. A protective, sacred herb.

This herb, well we could have a single course on this herb alone. We recommend taking the time to get to know Eastern Red Cedar on a deeper level. It is easy to identify and forage.

10. Violets. A cooling and detoxifying herb. A healer.

Learn how to elevate your mood with Viola. Learn how to include it in your diet, how to make a detoxifying juice, and last but not least, how to make a breast oil.

Bonus Herb! This one is a surprise.

This one is my daughter's favorite herb because it has healed her MANY times when she had the sniffles and couldn't get off the couch. Learn how to use this immune stimulant herb today.

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You will receive a downloadable video for each species and a species monograph.

A Voice for the Plants

April Punsalan

Botanist, Ethnobotanist, Herbalist, & Plant Whisper

April Punsalan's calling and purpose in life is to protect plant diversity, restore the sacred connection between humans and plants, and to increase the health and vitality of people with primarily native plants. April builds a solid curriculum for Yahola Herbal School by pulling from 24 years of plant experience (Horticulture Degree, Traditional Herbalism Certificate, Bachelor of Science in Botany, Master of Science in Botany, and thousands of hours of independent ethnobotanical research and self-practice. She serves as a voice for plants and is here to help you connect with the green friends you need for health, vitality, and wellness. Medicine is everywhere.

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